Tandem T-Slim Pump

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Tandem T-Slim Pump

How to download T connect with Tandem USB and Upload Pump: Click here to watch a YOUTUBE video on how to download your T-Slim pump

Please make sure to watch the youtube video above prior to starting your upload

You will need your charging chord to connect your T Slim to the computer

How to download the T connect Pump Download Software: Click here for the site

  1. Select get started
  2. Select Download t:connect, if they are using a mac there is an option at the bottom for the mac software.
  3. After clicking download click the t:connect uploader on the bottom banner.
  4. Click yes to allow the app to make changes to your device.
  5. Click Run to install the remainder of the program.
  6. After this is uploaded it should place a short cut on their desktop. If not you can search tconnect uploader and pull up the uploader.
  7. Plug in their pump.
  8. When it recognizes their pump the serial number will be displayed and they will be able to start upload.
  9. After the upload click save date. This will take them to the t:connect website.
  10. Have them sign into their account, if they do not have an account they may need to create one.
  11. They may also need to do a password reset.
  12. After this ask for their sign in information so we can see their data.

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