Prescription Refills

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Prescription Refills

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There are several ways you can request prescriptions from Denver Endocrinology, Diabetes and Thyroid Center office:

On Our Website. If you are a current patient of Denver Endocrinology, Diabetes & Thyroid Center you can request a prescription refill, as well as take advantage of several other valuable Online Patient Services by creating a personal account at the PATIENT LOGIN.

Contact Your Pharmacy. If all you need is a refill of a medicine you are already taking, often the easiest way to request this is simply to have your pharmacy request this from our office electronically. They will provide us with all of the necessary information regarding your prescription, and we will provide authorization directly to the pharmacy.

Call Our Office. You may call the office during business hours at (303) 321-2644.  We will need your name, birth date, and phone number, and complete information about each medicine you need refilled (the name of the medicine, pill/tablet size, how many pills and how often you take the medicine – an example would be synthroid 0.1 mg tablets, taking 1 tablet once per day). We will also need the pharmacy name, location, and phone number where you need the refills called.

Please note that it takes one full business day for requests to be completed, and it may take your pharmacy additional time to process your request, so please allow adequate time when requesting refills. We will not be able to refill any prescriptions if you have not been seen in clinic for over one year, or if you have not returned for scheduled follow-up appointments as arranged with your doctor.

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