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Preparing for your Video Visit

Preparing for your Video Visit

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. The information below is to help you plan ahead in preparation for your Video Visit. There are 3 items that will need to be completed prior to your visit.

Step 1: Registration: (Phreesia)

2-3 days prior to your visit, you will get a text message and email link to complete your Phressia registration. This is our online check-in, to review your demographics, insurance information, consent to treat for your video visit. (This is the same thing as the Orange pad that we give you in office to verify your information)

Step 2: Video Visit 

We are using HIPAA compliant video platforms. More information will be provided on your medical check in link below. We understand that not every patient will be able to use these video platforms. We do offer other options so please contact our office if these options will not work for you. 

Step 3: Medical Check in  

Your provider would like an update on your health condition and medications. Please click on the link below to complete your check in. 

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