Lipid Disorders

Denver Endocrinology, Diabetes and Thyroid Center, PC
Lipid Disorders
A model of a human heart, an rogan which can be affected by cardiovascular diseases caused by lipid disorders. There are additional blurred human heart models in the background.

Denver Endocrinology, Diabetes & Thyroid Center, provides consultation for the evaluation and treatment of lipid disorders. We use specialized diagnostic test and treatment modalities along with dietary education to provide a comprehensive approach to the management of dyslipidemia.

Disorders that we may see in our clinic include:
•    Genetic lipid disorders (i.e. total cholesterol > 300 mg/dl, triglycerides > 1,000 mg/dl or HDL-C < 30 mg/dl)
•    Cholesterol or triglyceride elevations refractory to usual treatment
•    Lipid disorders that are secondary to other conditions such as diabetes or kidney disease
•    Personal or family history of premature cardiovascular disease

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