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Follow up Questionnaire for Dr Deaver & Dr John

Follow up Questionnaire for Dr Deaver & Dr John

  • Please update your provider on your health conditions and medications by completing the Follow up Medical Check-in below, otherwise a Medical Assistant will call you to check you in
  • On the day and time of your appointment, your Dr will send you a text msg to link up with her and do a Video Visit. You will NOT need to download an application for this. You will have to allow your mic and camera so that the Dr can do a video visit.
  • This will require a smart phone device
  • If you do not wish to do this please contact the office for an alternative option for your Video Visit at 303 321 2644 x 1
  • IF you are a diabetic, it is strongly advise that you email or upload your blood sugars before seeing the provider. This will prevent your appointment from being reschedule. (

Follow up Questionnaire - Doximity Users

  • NEW ALLERGIES ONLY You can answer NO or YES and list your new allergies

  • NEW CHANGES ONLY Example: 01/31/2002-Thyroidectomy

  • Labs done 7/20/2020 with Labcorp; Labs done 5/2/2020 @ Dr Tom Smith's office

  • Example: Fatigue, Lump in neck, can't sleep, constipation

  • example: Synthroid 100 mcg 1 daily   OR You may copy and paste a medication list. Please try your best to list dose and directions of your medications

  • Dr Deaver will text you a link to connect with her for a video visit. This text msg will be sent out to you around your appointment time.

Click here for more information on how to use Doximity Video Visit.

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